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    my son wants me to get a swing box, so he can watch tv with is ipod touch, we wants to use the ipod to view tv on the dvd player headrest in my truck we do have 4 audio in and out .can this be done how do you do it. local car audio installers no help.


      my son wants me to get a swing box to use with his ipod touch, i know nothing about electronics or computors. he wants to use the swing box and ipod touch to watch tv from the ipod but also veiw them on the dvd headrest players in my truck , the dvd players have 4 video and audio out puts as well as 4 video and audio inputs, the unit i have viziolagic also has a special port for the ipod. can this be done and what is needed when i go to local car audio video installers they have to no time to help me.