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    Hook up for two channels


      I have tried a search with minimal results.  This board seems a little confusing to understand.  Anyway, I am hoping to find out how to hook up my slingbox pro hd to allow for two views in two places that can watch two different channels.  Any takers?


      Any help is appreciated.  Thanks

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          Hi Rac1664


          The Slingbox will accept only one user connected at the time, so if you want to have more users connected to the TV remotely, you need another Slingbox at home.


          If your question is about 2 users, one at home watching TV and another user connected to the Slingbox, the connection is very simple, just connect a splitter to the coaxial cable coming from the wall and you will have 2 outputs; one for the Slingbox and the other for the cable box/satellite receiver/DVR.


          Slingbox PRO-HD Overview > FAQ


          I hope this helps