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    0x92340011 Error - Yes Me Too


      ok, i've read a whole loads of similar posts quoting the above error number and im getting it too.  my home network sling works, but when i try to connect over the internet, sling finds the box, connects, get to the "optimizing" stage and stops returning the above code.


      the sling light on the solo lights up as if its connected until the error code then disappears.  I should also mention that the ports / gateway etc are all set up properly and sling player reports "success" in the internet viewing section and tells me "I can watch my sling box solo anywhere".  I had to set up ports manually as i am on Sky Broadband and the Sagem modem is not in the list.


      In other posts I havent seen anyone get to the bottom of this, apart form with blind luck or a soldering iron.


      PLEASE HELP! Thank you kindly.