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      After signing in, the message says "Your slingbox's connection to the internet has been disabled." But my internet is working.  I can't get logged in to watch TV. Any suggestions?

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          I have spent hours trying to connect. It was working fine and then when I tried to connect it said it couldn't find my sling box. The internet is on - the slingbox has been reset and is working, all lights as they should be - then I get a message like yours that  connection has been disabled. WHY??? WHERE??? HOW???  Let me know if you get any answer o2bbizzy@gmail.com             Thanks

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              TheKozaks Newbie

              Their site was a HOT MESS all wekeend!

              New users (or, like me, those who had clean-installed their systems with a new OS) couldn't even get the plugin to download...


              The plugin download site worked as of 8:20pm tonight (not sure when it finally came back up, but sometime today - Monday, 12/13) and I am now able to watch online.  I did get one disconnected message, but it was while on a sketchy wireless network and seems to be fine otherwise.


              Is it working today/now for you?

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                  I have been having a problem logging in through the internet only the last month or so.  It was working fine before that.  Now my wife has to unplug the slingbox and plug it in for it to reset.  If I have multiple websites open and switch from slingbox to another tab the slingbox freezes and I have to reset it.  Any thoughts?

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                Hi Mstubbs02 & all,


                This is not an issue with the computer or the SlingPlayer using Watch at slingbox.com, it could be an issue with the Slingbox, all you need to do is to download the Slingplayer application for Windows or Mac and update the Slingbox with the firmware present in the application, after that, you can connect to the Slingbox using again Watch at slingbox.com, update the firmware on that version and you are done.


                How do I use SlingPlayer 2.x for Windows to manually update the Slingbox Software (firmware) on my Slingbox?


                How do I update the Slingbox Software (firmware) on my Slingbox?



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                  I tried that, it's in the help pages, but still no luck. I can use the player over my network but every time I try to set up for Internet streaming I get that error message and I have to redraft my computer to find the slingbox AT ALL. Any ideas?