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    Looking for possible sling configuration


      I have a  three floor home with a very weak signal in the basement. I have done research and figure that using the sling brand, I can set up a good connection. Trouble is I am not that technologically inclinded wrt this stuff. My router is on the top floor, there are two tvs on the main floor and my home theatre in the basement. The basement is where I have the PS3,Cable box, Wii...My PS3 is only getting 5-15 percent signal strength. I figure, Sling is the way to go. But I am not sure what to get and where to install it.

      Can someone assist?Here is what I came up with so far at a total cost of $1000. A little pricy.

      Network for powerline.jpg

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          Hi Tasse,


          The situation is that every Slingbox needs to be connected to a router or to the SlingLinks. Also, the Slingbox will not work with the TV's because it's a device that will take the signal from the cable box, coaxial, satellite or DVR and it will streaming over the Internet to be use in a computer, probably the solution for you is a SlingCatcher, unfortunately this product is not available right not in our Online Store and the only way to get is through a 3rd party store or web site like Amazon.com, E-Bay, etc