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    Continuos sound, but 'choppy' video


      3 weeks old HD Pro. I'm in Spain and the Slingbox is in the UK. I already had to get my brother to drive 90 miles to break into my house to reboot the slingbox after it froze, all was fine for about ten days then about 11 o'clock last night the video went 'choppy', and still is this morning. I've scanned the website but I cant find a link to get technical support to take a look, can anyone give me an email link for them, I understand I should receive 90 days tech support with the product, I think I'm going to need it.

      If anyone has any suggestions to sort out the jerky video playback I would be grateful.

      I'm using 2.1.8 version, I have a 5mb upload to a 3mb download connection

      Please remember I dont have physical access to the Slingbox