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    No Video via Component Input  ***SOLVED***



      DirecTv HR 21-700

      Slingbox PRO-HD



      I had a Slingbox SOLO working yesterday no problems.

      I exchanged the SOLO for a PRO-HD today.

      Setup does not see the component input. Audio is okay.


      What I have tried:

      Removed the HDMI cable from HR 21-700 to monitor. Rebooted Slingbox.  Still no video only audio.

      Connected composite cable from HR 21-700 to Slingbox have video and audio.

      Rebooted HR 21-700 and Slingbox using a different component cable, HDMI still disconnected. No Video only audio.

      Deleted SOLO from my directory.

      Reset Singbox to factory configuration.



      I am out of ideas



      **UPDATE 11 DEC 2010**


      First off Slingmedia tech support was first rate.

      I read for hours and finally caved and called tech support.

      After Luis logged onto my desktop he determined my HD-PRO needed to be replaced.

      Yesterday I exchanged it set up the new one and had the same problem, no video via component.


      This morning I moved the HD-PRO and a DirecTV receiver to the mechanical room

      where my satellite and data distribution panels live.

      I connected the Ethernet port of the HD-PRO directly to the router bypassing switches

      and so far so good!

      Ultimately I want to move the hardware back to the den but in the meantime I have it working.


      BTW the iPad app is working great locally.


      Hope this may help others.



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