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    Weak or No Video Signal




      Recently, my Cable provider changed their guide interface. This likely made a variety of changes to the cable box itself. I'm not blaming this as the problem, but I did notice that the problems with my slingbox occured right around the exact same time as this new software push to the cable box.


      Both lights are solid on the front of the Sling box. It can see the Slingbox on the network, bring up the interface via the online page (slingbox.com; click on 'watch', then log in). But when you click 'power' on the remote, the video signal does not come through. THe box turns on because I can hear audio, but for some reason the video isn't being delivered across the network to my laptop.


      Any ideas? Please let me know what further detail I can provide to this issue to assist with resolution. I realize the above is somewhat limited in detail at this time.


      Thank you,