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    Intermittent connection while viewing over the internet


      So I'm having trouble diganosing my problem here.  Sometimes I can connect to my Slingbox over the internet - other times I can't, and there doesn't seem to be anything consistent about why it does/doesn't work.  Here's my setup:

           Linksys WRT54G router (port forwarding 5001 to

           Slinglink from my router to the room with the cable box


      After a few hours, I'm no longer able to connect to the Slingbox over the internet, and getting it back online is a hit or miss proposition.  A couple days ago, just resetting the router brought the connection back up.  Two days unplugging everything (modem, router, slinglinks and slingboxes) worked.  Yesterday, it didn't work in the morning, but when I tried it a few hours later it did work.  Today, restarting the router didn't work, then restarting the slingbox didn't work.  The weirdest thing may be that, even when I can watch the Slingbox from the internet, when I go into Slingbox Setup, it says Local Slingbox isn't detected - either from my local network or from the internet.  I'm sort of at my wits end in terms of figuring out what's wrong here - anyone have any ideas?