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    My slingbox Pro suddently stop working proprely


      I've been using my SlingBox Pro and not having any problem until last couple of days.


      When I start up SlingPlayer (I was still using 1.x at that time).  I got a very bad video (distortion, choppy with color lines).  Try to reset slingbox won't help.


      What I did is tried to see if my software is up to date so I press update my software.  Not sure if it actually update or not but I got the msg saying that my software is the latest.  Video is every worst then before.


      By doing some reading in FAQ, I think it might be my SlingPlayer version is too old. Upgraded slingplayer, same issue.  Color lines everywhere and somtime just choppy distored screen.


      Press the reset button and reconfigure the Slingbox, same issue.


      I don't know what else can I do.  Is my SlingBox toasted?


      Sound is okay so far, just "no" video.