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    Initial Install, No Luck


      I have a Slingbox Pro-Hd I am trying to install for the first time.  I turned off the Firewall to Windows 7, I am using a direct connection from the SB to a WRT160N (with the most recent firmware), and I have followed all trouble shooting tips for connection issues.  The SB logo light is all red, as is the power light.  The network light is not on.  When I complete a hard reset or upon initial power, the lights always do the same (logo light all red, power light all red, no network light).  There is no brief blinking of the network light at all.




      Thank you.

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          One other note, I completely removed my anti-virus software.  No suggestions??

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            Hello Guys,


            I've been reading the forum for hours and it seems obvious that the problem doesn't come from our installation...


            I got the same problem than everybody: Slingbox working perfectly for almost 2 years, and just after the end of the warranty network's light goes off. We all try other cables, routers but nothing change, network light is off!!


            The sling assitance is just shamefull, and i guess we just have to buy a new one. I'm not okay with that!! Obviously something has happen with the firmware or with components inside but it can not happen randomly to that much people at the same time.


            I propose you guys to gather or reclaims to be taken under consideration by sling, We've done nothing bad and we're not guilty of anything so they have to replace the box or the firmare or whatever they want to let us enjoy our slingbox.


            I hope it will work soon!