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    Help in setup Sling Media




            I need so help in setup the SlingMedia.


      I known it is an old version but I got it as a present and I would like to set it up.


      I've connected it to my Virginmedia box

      I've connected the Ethernet cable to my ruote which is a Buffalo Ruoter

      But when I launch the slingplayer ity does not detect the Slingmedia.


      The message I get is the SlingPlayer didn't locate a Slingbox on the network.


      I connect to the internet with no problem I can connect to my Buffalo hard drive that is on the network but the SlingMedia it cannot see it.


      The light on the Slingmedia are both on and they are green.


      Can someone please help me out on thisd.


      My desktop is running Windows 7 64 bit the processor is the Athlon II x4 635 2.90Ghz with 4Gb of ram


      Please please can someone help me.