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    Slingbox Solo Streaming Freeze


      I bought my Slingbox solo only about a month ago.  I've hooked it up with the new Slinglink and had it successfully streaming to my Windows Vista computer and to my iPad.  About a week or so ago, I started having problems.


      The video streaming now freezes for seconds or minutes at a time, sometimes telling me that my device isn't connected to the internet!  WTF!  I see all these recent posts stating that many MANY other people are having this problem, but I don't see a solution anywhere.


      I have reset the solo and still it continues doing this.


      Getting technical support here in Western Australia is like pulling teeth since tech support is located in the eastern states and is only open during their normal business hours - 3 hours different from our business hours here... and only Monday thru Friday.... I can't take off work just to fix this!


      Can someone PLEASE tell me if this problem has been solved and if so, what I need to do to correct the issue myself?


      I've not changed a single setting since installing all this equipment and software and I'm soooooo ******** ****** off right now after having spent so much money only to end up with three bricks worth nothing to me!


      Please help if you can.


      Thank you,


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          After much research here in the forums, I finally was able to call tech support here in Australia.  After discussing the issues associated with my Slingbox Solo and the steps I have already taken by following the diagnostic steps posted here, the techie has intially determined that my problem is also with capacitors.  They have sent me via email, an eparcel label (prepaid, user printable postage) and asked me to send the unit back and they will send me a new Slingbox Solo.


          They told me that the capacitor problem isn't as widely spread in the Solo as the HD, but it does indeed sound like the same problem so many people are experiencing here.


          After weeks of frustration, of pulling my hair out over this, I must admit the call to tech support was easy to make and very quick as far as tech calls go.  I mentioned that I had followed all the suggested diagnostics here.  I told them my solo was freezing up anywhere from initially launching the software to withing 20 to 30 minutes of streaming.  They had me check the lights on my solo as well.


          For those of you looking for tech support in Australia, the link is here: http://www.slingmedia.com.au/contact


          Thanks to all who helped diagnose this issue.