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    Using Slingbox.com while at home while on Company VPN?


      Since you have decided to discontinue the development of the Slingplayer for Mac I decided to try using Slingbox.com but unlike using the player, I can not use slingbox.com while on my company VPN.  I used to be able to have my TV in one corner of my screen using the player while working from home but this seems to not be available with slingbox.com.


      On Soap-box.....

      I am having trouble trying to understand why you have stopped developemnt of the Mac player, the number of Mac consumers is growing much faster than the Windows community, it seems a shame to ingnore the needs of this tight very opinionated community.


      There have been numerous posts about this but none I believe have answered the reasoning behind the decision to discontinue the player....can you enlighten us?

      Off Soap-box....


      Is there a way to watch my Local Slingbox while on my companies VPN?





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          I support your soap box stance.  did you sort out your VPN issue.


          Depedning on your VPN access method, you might be able to explicitly exclude the "slingbox.com" domain from your VPN client, so the  Slingbox pluggin doesnt get routed to you work network which will no doubt block port traffic required for Sling player to work. Also check out proxy setting in Safari as there is a bypass proxy bit in there too.  not really a netwrok expert, but check it out.