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    How to customise (fix) remote config?

    psidnell Newbie

      I'm new to the whole slingbox eco system so I'm figuring I'm missing out on some relevant history here.


      For reference I've got a Humax PVR9200t (a moderately successful UK "freeview" digital terrestrial receiver) and a Solo.


      This is technically a supported device in that during setup there was an option specifically for that model. Unfortunately, while most of the basic functionality works, the bits that don't cripple it. In particular the cursor buttons seem to activate twice for every single use via the slingbox remote making useful viewing essentially impossible. I'm not alone here, I've found others with the same problem going back to 2008 so there's obviously something awry with the IR codes in a database somewhere.


      During setup I noticed an advanced a setting with slow/medium/fast options and I've tried all of them but with no obvious difference in behaviour. This seems to be the limit of the configuration options open to me, I can find no supported way of getting it to "learn" from my physical remote as I have done when faced with similar problems using universal remotes in the past.


      I've had quite an extensive dig around on the interwebs and this is where it gets confusing.


      I've found references to, and downloaded, some home brew IR files that claim to solve my problem but I can find no way to install them on the sling box using the web config tools. Every where I look for help I see references to and videos about some sort of native configuration client from slingbox that I should use, but that's either been obsoleted or was never available for the Solo/Mac, is seemingly no longer developed and seems to be unavailable for download, it may not even work with the latest firmware, I'm guessing. But the message is clear: THOU SHALT USE THE WEB CONFIG.


      After yet more digging I found a reference to some sort of beta service from slingbox that allows "building" a custom remote, but it only works on Windows at the moment so I have no idea how it will work, if it would help me solve this issue or when it'll be ready.


      It looks to me like the config tools are in transition at the moment but in the short term what's the recommended approach for these problems? I can't believe I'm alone here...


      Any clues gratefully received.



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          psidnell Newbie

          More digging.


          This thread (here) discusses the specific device issues at some length and

          bin, zip and lrz files are flying about like shrapnel in the Somme.


          But what to do with them?


          I've  resurrected an old windows XP machine from a shallow grave (I have a  Mac) so I can run the web app at http://remotes.slingbox.com/


          This loads a new plugin that puts the tab in Internet Explorer into an infinite crash/recovery loop. (It is Beta after all...)


          Quit, try again with firefox, another plugin, this time it loads.


          It looks like the app has the ability to load LRZ files so I'm assuming (hoping/praying) that the last LRZ file in the above thread (Rewind_skip.lrz.zip) is some sort of bundle that web app can load and install on the Solo. Who knows, who cares I'll try anything at this point.


          Anyway, the web app finds my Solo.


          I get to the part where it says:


          "Click the image (if any) to edit an existing remote.
          Click the buttons to import a remote, or create a new one."


          I click import, that brings up a dialog with C:\myRemote.lrz


          I've moved the unzipped Rewind_skip.lrz.zip  file to C:\myRemote.lrz and hit OK.


          But then nothing happens, no response at all. It's as if I hit cancel.


          It's definitely finding the file because if change the name or give it the zipped file it complains.


          What am I missing here?


          This isn't a product I'd reccomend to my Grandmother. Being dead she'd never cope with this level of setup complexity.

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            Jenningsville Newbie

            Fantastic.  The fix worked for me.


            Best of all ... I wrongly thought the fix only would correct the SlingPlayer on my Windows PC... so I thought I'd then have to copy it across to all my PCs/laptops and even worse have a further problem trying to work out how to fix it on the SlingPlayer Mobile apps on my iPad, iPhone and Windows phone.  But ... hey ... no worries the fix actually installs on the Slingbox SOLO itself, so all my devices are now fixed in one hit.  Great job Sling!!!  And thanks to psidnell for first leading me to this post ... and most of all big thanks to alanrichey42 for the fix itself.


            PS just to let you know... Slingbox and iPad combo is the business... even very watchable over 3G...  now when I'm on the road I no longer watch my Slingbox thru my laptop... its the iPad every time.



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                AlRichey Novice

                I wrongly thought the fix only would correct the SlingPlayer on my Windows PC... so I thought I'd then have to copy it across to all my PCs/laptops....

                What you have to realise is that when you install a Custom Remote it is actually download into the Slingbox and therefore used by ANY system that tries to view the box.