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    In setup of Slingbox 350 no possibility to choose a tv-provider, no postal zipcode and no remote control

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      Hello people,


      A few months ago I bought a Slingbox 350, because every year we go for a few months from the Netherlands to Spain. After reading a lot about the possibility of getting dutch television in Spain I decided to choose the Slingbox, but never had more headache after 20 hours of trying to setup the Slingbox.

      In the setup you have to do different things and the first one is a login. No problem with that.

      After that you get the question about your location and zip code.

      The Netherlands were fast to find but writing down a zip code is not possible.

      So, further on to the next page, the connections. O, that's also ok.

      And than the setup passes the possibility to choose a tv-provider and goes on to the remote control. I'm happy to find the settopbox, because I own an Entone Amulet. A new disaster, because the remote control is not the same as they provide with the Entone in Europe. Totally different and so not useable.

      Twenty hours further and I have a Slingbox that shows one channel and I have to use the real remote control to change the channel and than I can see through the slingplayer that channel.

      PLEASEWho can help me to use the Slingbox in a good way. Support in Europe I found out there is none.