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    No video.  Only audio


      For the past 2 days I have only been able to receive audio.  This video is not being transmitted.  Can anyone help?

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          Hi, vegasbrownmd


          We encourage you to provide further information on this post. Network layout, cables in use to get different connections, etc, are pretty important details to include. This way, other Forum users will provide you with accurate information.



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              niteflyr Newbie

              I've got the same thing going on now. Been on the road for 3 days. 1st day it worked fine ever since then, just audio. No video. I can tell by the audio that the remote is working by changing channels, on-off, etc. Same thing on my iPhone app.Did you ever get this resolved?

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                I noticed the same thing... my Slingbox HD is not usable over the internet... it disconnects within 2-3 minutes with a message about the internet connection.  I ran several speed tests including VOIP quality with no jitter or drops that could cause it...and try over different internet connections remotely.  It also says disconnected but still has audio and I have to reconnect.


                The same problem also occurs at home on my local network where there is no speed issue...the slingbox just disconnects and all I get is audio only... this happens in the web browser or my ipad app.  Power cycling the slingbox fixes it temporarily for at home access... this box is a dud...