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    Slingbox Pro-HD taking too long to respond


      I have 2 slingbox pro HD boxes (mine is box A and the other is box B) located in the US to which I connect to with a sling catcher, sling player software or my browser. Recently, the connections have been timing out when accessing the sling box (error code 0x92340011) or taking too long to respond making it impossible to use the sling catcher. I can, after many attempts, watch my TV from slingbox.com. Box B is now working fine, but box A is still unpredictable. Both boxes have the latest firmware 2.1.80. The update did not solve the connection problem.


      Box A is using port 5002 and B uses 5001. Could this be an issue? Of course, on the LAN where the boxes are located, the connection is perfect. I'm in Europe so I can't actually do anything with the exception of accessing the computer remotely to alter the port settings.


      I can't figure it out. The boxes have been working great for the past 2 years with the same settings. However, the IR blasters don't stay put and it drives me crazy having to call up my sister to have her move them back again and tape them to the receiver boxes.


      Please help.