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    keep losing control of dvr

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      Have had my SB 500 for more than four years with little to no problems after the initial learning curve.  I have generally used the SB at our weekend place and at home on my Windows desktop for convenience.  I have accessed it with the desktop app on Firefox an MS/IE, through a Roku/android app, and through a Western Digital TV Box.  In  December we moved and have changed from Verizon FIOS to TWC/Spectrum with an Arris DCX-3600-M DVR.  Finding no exact remote for that DVR, I have used a TWC universal remote as well as the Motorola 3400-M.  The remotes are not exactly the same as the one I have, but they are darn close and they operate the DVR.


      Except that in the last week or so, I am unable to remotely control the DVR at all.  Whatever is on the DVR when I go to "watch" is what I get.  When I hit a button on the remote, the picture hesitates briefly, but does not respond to the command.  I have tried "updating/resetting" the remote remotely, to no avail.  When I update the set-up using the SB and its own remote, I can then control the DVR using the various methods (desktop, android but not WD TV Box as it is at the other location) but I am the unable to do so the next day.  It's back to no-control


      Any ideas and/or suggestions much appreciated.  The box is now basically useless to me.  Thanks.