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    Devolo TVSat IP 2400 +CI - RC for Slingbox M1 German needed

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      Hi Everyone,

      I had accidentally posted this thread as an Idea - Sorry

      Now again and hope someone has any Idea.

      I have a Request!

      Someone has had experience with Devolo TV SAT 2400+ CI, Power line IP SAT, Remote Control or has been already added?

      A Paper inside remote control shows RC 2711. Is it possible to get added this Remote Control or the Code?

      My Slingbox M1 is working fine on a Fritzbox 6490 Cable (Here in Germany). I can access in Home network and from outside via Internet.

      Temporary I had configured with the ADCOM GB?800 Remote Control so that I can power on / off and change Channels. Unfortunately not more.


      Thanks for any information and help.