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    Troubles with Slingbox 500

      My Slingbox 500 has worked pretty flawlessly but I recently had to disconnect it. I've used it in combination with my TiVo Premeire. Recently, the Slingbox 500 has been blacking out and rebooting itself. Then I started to notice that my TiVo guide kept stating, "To be Determined" on All the stations in the guide.At first I thought I had a problem with the TiVo, but since I disconnected the Slingbox 500 all troubles viewing have gone away. I made sure the Slingbox 500 had all the newest Updates and that all connections were OK, prior t o removing it from my system.  I did notice that the Slingbox 500 does run quite warm and I even tied keeping a small fan blowing on it to see if it would help. Unfortunately it didn't help. I know the older Slingbox Pro I had problems with its AC adaptor and I'm wondering if this might contribute to this particular problem? The Slingbox 500's interference with my Tivo Premiere's guide was really a pain. Like I said, once i removed the Slingbox 500 the TiVo has been Working fine. Any suggestions?
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          I have had my S-Box 500 since Nov 2015. I have had no issues with it until this past month. Now, on a daily basis, the slingbox will reboot itself 2 or 3 times during the day and evening. No explanation that I can see. Nothing has changed in the set up or in electrical power etc. This is becoming irritating as it will reboot, thus causing no viewing, for 2 minutes during critical times of sports games or during regular programs. Can anyone from Slingbox respond to this issue and let us know what is happening.