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    slingbox 500 in uk

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      hi all

      , this is first time on this forum and i am looking for some help that is niot in the FAQ.


      i have jsut upgraded my m2 to a 500 as he 500 had everything i had always wanted in the old box. wifi, hdmi and connect through browser on the firestick etc...

      however my home is in florida and my box is in parents house in uk ( i know the 500 is not sold there  but i figured i would give it a try) 

      when my father connects to the wifi and starts the setup in uk is askes for zip code etc... my dad just puts in my zip and my  cable provider which of courseis wrong but i am not sure i care. i only want the box to watch the rugby live so i think it should still work, the only issue i s that i will have the wrong remote control?


      is that correct ?


      or is the 500 so smart it can detect via its ip that the box is not in canada or usa?


      really want this to work  as season starts saturday!