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    Automatic firmware update doesn't work

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      While watching the TV directly the slingbox turns itself on and tries to update the software.  In the process it knocks out the reception on the TV.  After attempting to update the slingbox shuts off and the TV signal comes back on. The update process obviously doesn't complete properly because about every 10 or 15 minutes it repeats the process. So neither the slingbox nor the TV works properly.  I've had to unplug the sling box to watch the TV directly.

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          ms.T Novice

          I'm assuming you have the 500? If so, you don't need a second set of cables going from the slingbox to the tv. Just the component from the cablebox to the 500. Then just use the HDMI from your cablebox to the tv.


          As for the constant restarts, make sure your slingbox is not on top of your cablebox. The heat generated from your cablebox and the slingbox itself, might mess up the slingbox. Not to mention your cablebox as well, if it can't get rid of the extra heat.