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    Is there a list of "skinned remote controls onscreen" images?

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      There is a tool that tries to find your skinned remote called "Supported Video Source Tool". Since my remote is not in the active list, I was wondering if there were a list of skins I could view to help make my choice based on the image of the skinned remote.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          No, you misunderstand how the system works.    That tool looks on a Sling database to see if it contains the file (known as BIN file) that provides the functionality (correct IR output) for any given AV device.   It has absolutely nothing to do with the skin/image shown on the screen.


          There is a completely different database at Sling HQ (which we do not have access to) which contains all the various images that the graphic designers have done for exiting remotes (called SPR files).    So when the BIN file is installed in the main database, it will contain a link to the second database so it knows which image file to download to your PC.  Now, some unique boxes have an easy link.  Some others can be confusing when the same device is used by multiple TV providers.   There was a flush of complaints a few years back when people installed a certain Motorola box and found it came with a Comcast remote although their TV provider was Cox and Time Warner.   And for a large number of boxes there is no link at all as the graphic designers have not produced the image, so the BIN file uses a default remote image.


          So to answer your question, this is a one-way street, i.e the BIN file (found from the tool) leads you to the image.   You cannot go back the other way.


          Next thing to do is check out this thread:  https://community.sling.com/message/10363#10363