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    Installation problem Slingbox 350

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      Hi there,


      i just bought a Slingbox 350 but i am not able to use it.

      on the android-phone the button "setup" says "pc or mac required for setup".


      on the pc-laptop it tells me ....

      Welcome! To setup your new Slingbox...

      Please download and install the free Slingplayer for Desktop application to setup or reconfigure your Slingbox.
      You will find it in the Desktop apps section here. After you install, please launch the application and follow the
      onscreen instructions.



      when i touch "here" in the sentence above.... and go to the section "slingplayer for windows" it says this software is only suported for M1....


      what can i do to setup the slingbox 350 ???


      Thanks for help