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    Not receiving all cable channels remotely


      I have the Pro HD which I just recently bought and connected directly to the wall via the coaxial cable and directly to a router. I only receive channels 2 through 66 and none of the HD Channels. (Our cable company provides >250 channels) When I try to use the remote changer or program guide to change to an HD channel it either 1) will not let me enter the channel number or 2) enters a channel with a decimal place (e.g. 77.2) which has no signal. This has occured both on the network where the box is located (home) and remotely (out of town).


      Would this have something to do with having to have a an HD cable box receiver put between the wall and the sling box? Or is there any other reason why I can only receive the first 66 channels (Cox Cable San Diego County). I was told to set up this way so someone at home can control the shows they wanted to watch separately from shows that were being watched remotely. Thanks in advance.