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    New Slingbox Setup


      Hi folks,


      just set up a slingbox at home so i can watch TV while overseas for a couple of years working. Everything setup and streaming fine on the browser at the receving end although i can't figure out if I can get a remote control to work the onscreen remote? Just now i'm having to get off my backside and control via the laptop. Not a good long term solution...


      What I was wondering as an alternative/additional solution is to view through my PS3 browser and use the bluetooth remote although not sure if this will work? Need to know before deciding whether to ship the PS3 out.


      Any advice appreciated.





        • Re: New Slingbox Setup

          Actually here's a thought (sorry for my ignorance but i'm new to this) - what if i purchase a slingcatcher and use this to hook up to my TV instead of a laptop or PS3?


          So if i have read this right and would be a perfect solution - the slingcatcher comes with a remote control so that sorts out my original problem. I then don't have to view through an internet browser and I can stream downloaded content (non-slingbox) from my laptop as well?


          Have i got this right?