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    Slingbox Pro drops network connection


      Slingbox Pro ver 1.3.80

      Linksys WET200 Bridge

      Linksys e3000

      Dish VIP622---------SB Pro--------WET200---------e3000


      My SB has recently started to drop the network connection.  The network light will stay lit when this happens and the port becomes unpingable.  Rebooting the SB does not always grab an IP.  I have an IP reserved on my Linksys e3000.  This does not seem to be related to the lease as the timeframe between when this happens is not consistent.  It has happened when connected remote or local.  All components have been rebooted.


      I put a sniffer on it while it was trying to recover and I did not see it making a request for DHCP.  It would ARP with a 169.x.x.x address.  Eventually after several reboot attempts t It immediately made a DHCP request.


      This is all I see in spurts every 1-2 seconds prior to the final reboot:

      77    2010-12-05 17:17:22.827923    SlingMed_04:14:57    Broadcast    ARP    Who has  Tell


      After a reboot I saw this and it worked (I blocked out my MAC):

      904    2010-12-05 18:12:31.481747    SlingMed_04:14:57    Cisco-Li_c5:d5:6c    ARP is at 00:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx


      I have reset my SB and I'm still seeing the same behavior.  I can provide the sniffer captures if needed.


      Will the SB provide any trace I can capture?




        • Re: Slingbox Pro drops network connection

          Hi Basenji7,


          It's necessary to confirm if the issue is related with the network or the Slingbox itself. Have you tried a different network?


          I recommend that you connect the Slingbox hardwired to the Linksys E3000 and also attach another TV source like a DVD just for testing purposes, confirm that the Slingbox is not located on top of a hot surface like a cable box or satellite receiver. Finally, Reset the Slingbox and then run the Setup Assistant to verify if the issue persists.


          Let us know how it works