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    Pro-HD with Dish Remote Access


      I have a Pro-HD hooked up to my Vip 722 (component).

      I am a Dish Network subscriber, and recently checked out their Remote Access area since they've added iPad support amongst other things. I noticed under the Preferences tab that I could go to Recievers and Manually add the Pro-HD. Low and behold, after that I could then click on a previously recorded TV show and selcet "Play on TV" (which had been there before) or "Play on Web" IE8 only - or with Chrome IE tab - I will see if the iPad works for this tonight (which would suck because I just bought the $3- iPadd SlingBox app).


      When you manually add your SlingBox Pro-HD and probably Solo-HD, you'll need to input your SlingBox ID (a very long number) and SlingBox password.


      Anyways, this is something new that I have not read about at all. I do know that if you purchased the Sling Adapter (grill-looking thing/ USB connection) to your ViP 722, this feature would show up on Remote access (Web browser and iPad).


      Just wondering if any Dish subscribers out there have discovered this too?....

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          Edit: It is a $30 iPad app, not $3.


          When I went to my Remote Access later last night I noticed that the DVR/ SlingBox settings now have an option for TV input and output (TV1/ TV2).


          I can now use the free Dish iPad app to watch TV2, or use the $30 SlingBox iPad app to watch TV1. The only caveat with the Dish app is that once you try to watch a recorded show, it also takes over TV1.