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    SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad - initial impressions, and improvement suggestions


      First, I like the SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad very much.  I have the following suggestions:


      1. Please add a Stop button to the DVR tab. This would make it much more usable. Now I have to switch to Misc to stop a recording (as opposed to pause).


      2.  It works pretty well with a high bandwidth connection. In a hotel where I typically get about 400 Kbits/sec it's not very usable even in SQ mode.  Lots of pauses and restarts. I had to revert to my Windows laptop. My upload from home is not the bottleneck, I have 3 megabit upload service.


      3. Even on a local very high bandwidth net at home watching my upstairs box, there are occasional pauses in HQ mode. It seems like the adaptive speed/buffering in the iPad app is quite a bit more primitive than what's on the Windows player.


      4. I miss the ability to see the bitrate like I can on Windows on the bottom right of the player.


      Hopefully there will be updates coming to address these issues.