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    Worked fine until I had to add new router


      Well, arrived yesterday.Installed there new router.Worked fine. Today after I made some calls on my Magic Jack..PROBLEM.It is telling me it can not find internet signal which is good or how else would I be posting this....Been @ it for 4 hrs. so I am taking a break before I do something stupid, like throwing something against the wall...DOES NOT make sense.All running great and now just internet and magicjack....Hope someone can help.Oh have the orignal slingbox which still works fine for me...

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          Hi Camille,


          We want to get more information about this issue that you are having. Do you have this issue only when you are using the Magic Jack? It could be a conflict with the ports. I suggest that you Reset your Slingbox and then run the setup assistant again, you also can assign a static IP address and change the port to your Slingbox to avoid this situation.