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    Buzzing From Slingbox Pro?


      Hi all-

      I set up ,my slingbox pro HD a couple of months ago and it causes buzzing on my TV...but worse, when I connect to it via the internet (which works fine) it buzzes over that connection. A friend told me to replace all connection wires with monster cables but that is expensive and I dont know if that is whats called for. I dont notice a change in buzzing when I adjust the different volumes or move the wires around. There are alot of wires behind the TV, but in this day and age that is pretty normal.

      I also couldnt get my DVD player to work through it so I just disconnected it

      does this sound familiar?

      I havent noticed any change in quality since the firmware upgrade nor a change in the buzzing.

      I do have problems getting it to play over the phone program (which I bought from the verizon maretplace for my droid X) but it works great on my computer so long as i have a good connetion.

      But there is that incessant buzzing!


      Any help will be appreciated.