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    Help! Solo wants password BEFORE I can setup

    psidnell Newbie

      Am I missing something?


      Steps so far: (using web setup on a Mac)


      1. Open box, Plug in, wire up etc, power and networking lights are on.


      2. Create an account on sling.com


      3. Go to the "Downloads" section, load plugin, reconfigure Safari (Snow Leopard) to start in 32bit mode (eesh!)


      4. Start the set up, it says "Congratulations we've detected your slingbox", I hit next.


      5. Then it tells me my admin password is incorrect (I haven't entered one, didn't know I had one).


      My account password doesn't work nor does "admin" or "password" or blank.

      I can't find a password printed on the unit or included in or on the box it came in.


      I'm then given the option to go back to the directory that lists my slingbox as:


      "My Slingbox" (Unconfigured)


      I select it and essentially go round again with it asking for a password


      I've performed a hard reset and done this pantomime several times now, same every time.


      I've seen people with similar sounding problems who're told "don't use the online setup download the software",

      well that's all there is for the Solo on OSX.


      Have I missed something or just purchased an expensive new Christmas decoration?


      Thanks for any help.