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    Now the web player doesn't work either


      **** this Slingbox software!  It was bad enough when they changed “Slingplayer for Windows” into “SlingSETUP for Windows” unannounced … now they’ve taken away the WEB player, also. 

      I’m livid and have every right to be.  Consider:

      1.     When I try to launch it, it says “The Slingplayer for Windows application is not installed on your system.”  (Like FUN it isn’t.)

      2.     “Please download it and install it by clicking here.”

      3.     The popup has two options -- repair and uninstall.  (What the heck is there to REPAIR if it ISN’T installed?)

      4.     If you repair, nothing changes

      5.     If you uninstall and install again, you get a nice message saying “Slingplayer installed!”  At the top of the screen – then you’re right back to the message saying that it ISN’T installed.

      Why do you keep subjecting Windows users to this B.S.?  Why can’t we have a dedicated player like everyone else?