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    How to currently use Slingbox Pro HD?

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      I just tried to use my Slingbox Pro HD for the first time in a year (I've been busy) and am having significant trouble. It used to work fine from my browser or app, but now...not so much.


      First, it appears there is no longer a way to watch my Slingbox on the web using a browser; when I go to watch.slingbox.com or newwatch.slingbox.com, I'm told "Sorry, we do not support setup on browser anymore."  So I'm redirected to download a local app. Wut?? Why would Sling no longer support web browsers?!? What am I missing?


      Ok, let's try the app. The Mac app dates from 2015, long before Sierra. I am trying to use it and it does kinda run, and I am able to watch my TiVo via Sling in the setup screen.  But just a little "preview" window as it is trying to configure my app.  The TiVo remote downloads and works.  But I get stuck at the setup screen where it is trying to download my program guide. Wut?  I don't need a program guide. All I need is for the app to control my TiVo.  It does...as long as I never choose FiOS and click "Next" because if I do the app then gets stuck at the "Check For Updates" (I don't need any), "Configure Inputs" (they're configured just fine), "Setup Program Guide" (don't need it), "Setup Internet Viewing" (that'd be great but you don't support it anymore, see above), or "Watch TV on Browser" (again, that'd be great but you don't support it) page.


      TL;DR:  For some reason browsers are no longer supported, and the app won't complete setup in MacOS.  Help?

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          FYI, even after I click "Setup Internet Viewing" and it succeeds, I still cannot watch via newwatch.slingbox.com. I'm still told "Sorry, we do not support setup on browser anymore. Please click below link to download 'SlingPlayerDesktop' application to configure/re-configure your Slingbox." This makes no sense to me at all. What is going wrong? Why is there no "Exit" or "Finish" or "Done" button in the app to tell it "I'm done, my setup is complete, let's move on"?

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              Let me try and explain.  A few weeks ago Sling Media (without telling anyone) reconfigured all their systems so that older Slingboxes can now be watched only through the web browser and can be setup only through the new Desktop Player.   Now, although your Pro-HD was working a year ago, things have changed and the system has decided it needs to be set up again.  Not totally surprising,    So you will have to install the new Desktop Player (not the old one from 2015).  So go to Products > Slingplayer Apps at the top of this page and download the latest Mac Player.   When you start the app it should show your Pro-HD with a reconfigure button, so do that and follow the instructions.


              As for the Program Guide, just go with the flow and don't fight it   Just select "My TV provider is not listed" and you won't get a Guide.