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    Slingplayer on Galaxy Tab


      I am running Slingplayer on Froyo 2.2 using a Galaxy Tablet. The program runs well, but I cannot find an option for adjusting resolution. 

      With the tab's 7" screen the video is much too grainy and pixelated.  Any way to adjust resolution or is an update coming to allow this?

      with the many larger screen Android tabs on the way, this will be an important feature.



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          Hi, zan.


          Slingbox and the SlingPlayer Mobile software do not support any tablet, despite of the tech specs or running OS. So, there is no way to adjust the resolution for this device. Keep in mind the this application will support only the Mobile devices, as stated on our website at www.slingbox.com


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              Are there any plans to update the player to support Android tablets? or are you going to expect us to shell out more money for yet another player like you did when I switched from iPhone to Android? or like you've done between iPhone and iPad?


              Your player strategy is a hot mess and it's undermining the value of your product. You charge for each OS and you can't even support all the devices that run those OS. The hardware only supports 1 stream, yet you want to gouge us for each client (device) we own.


              I didn't think I could be more let down by your company since you made me buy another copy of the application when I switched from iPhone to Android, now you can't even offer full support for Android. #FAIL


              Are you going to tell Blackberry users the same thing when the PlayBook comes out?



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              I have an original galaxy tab that is running gingerbread. Please support an app for this. I would buy a slingbox if not for this limitation of only supporting android 3.0 and higher.