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    Upgrading Pro to Pro HD - how difficult to set up?


      I'm considering upgrading my 3-year-old Pro to a Pro HD, mainly to enable full screen viewing on my HTC Evo (Android). So first, am I correct that not being able to get full screen (have a black border on full screen mode) on any device, mobile or computer is a limitation of the older Pro box? Yes, I am aware the aspect ration can be changed in the menu, but this is not fullscreen, it is just stretching the picture. And I do have the newest Sling software and firmware installed.


      So if the answer there is yes, how much of a pita is it to upgrade a box and get it working? I remember it taking several hours and calls and chat sessions with tech support to initially getting the Pro to work with my Mac and Airport Extreme. I'd prefer not to have to go through that if avoidable. Sling's Mac support seems to be less than adequate.