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    Desktop application not in active development


      I like my desktop slingplayer. The web site version is buggy not because of your work, but because how poorly flash works in safari. I logged on sb.com the other day to upgrade my sb software, and flash crashed all my safari tabs. The desktop app runs for days with no issues. Please reconsider even if it's a nonHD alternative?

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          brucemcl Newbie
          I don't think Slingbox wants to pay for, or support, any desktop apps, whether Mac or Windows. But they don't have to.
          I bet if Slingbox published the specs for the video stream, the authentication protocol, and the protocol for changing channels and settings, somebody would write an open source app for Mac that would work very well.

          One more thing... The box my Slingbox Solo came in has a Mac OS logo on it and a Universal Binary logo. Now your website says that the Mac software is "Not supported" on my Slingbox Solo. Perhaps you should remove the Mac and Universal Binary logos from your box.


          I have let Apple know about this discrepancy. I hope you will hear from them.

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            Hi ellisonj, we appreciate your feedback, however we are not planning to update SlingPlayer 2.0. We encourage you to keep using Watch.slingbox.com.

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              Watching via the webrowser is a joke.


              I purchased slingbox because of the solution it offered.  a client application that streamed video from a piece of hardware.


              I've tried to use the web version, it's a total nightmare.


              Now it doesn't support FF4 on mac.


              It also requires that you run safari in 32 bit mode, which means I can't use 64 bit plugins?  Really?  That's a "solution"?


              Sling still does development --- they're just doing it on the mac plugin and the iphone and the ipad.  ----  continue supporting the mac app, not the cheesy plugin that doesn't work.  Sling went from a production quality solution to a complete alpha solution.


              VERY VERY unhappy customer,


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                  Keep up the good work everyone, let them know that flash in a 32bit browser is a recipe for dissatisfaction. I still use the original application. I own 3 slingboxes. Flash is horrible all by its self. We're forced to use the bleeding edge, unstable version due to ongoing security issues with flash player. Adobe is incapable of addressing these issues in any foreseeable date.


                  It's time for sling to dust off that old source code, and bring it back into shape.

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                  Count me among the "former" very happy Sling customers.  I have, for years, recommended this product to friends, and am now utterly frustrated.  Out of nowhere, my SlingPlayer for Mac just "dropped" my remote.  It still plays, but I have no remote control.  I tried everything, including resetting and reinstalling.  I do not want to watch my Sling in Safari, and I need it in 64 bit for other purposes.  Why not just leave things alone when they work perfectly?  Who did / does this benefit, moving to an internet only protocol?  I was perfectly happy with SlingPlayer, now it is effectively useless and the video quality on Safari - even if I wanted to watch in in 32 bit - is abysmal.  Sling should give us a free upgrade.  Anyone who knows how I can restore my SlingPlayer for Mac set up, please advise.

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                    chuliu Newbie

                    I downloaded new slingplayer app here

                    and mac version works with my pro hd, 350, and 500.

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                        Yes, it looks slick and does work with my Pro HD, but performance wise it still doesn't compare to the old SlingPlayer desktop app.  Like the web player, I get a stuck picture once in awhile, especially after fast-forwarding.

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                            OvCollyer Apprentice

                            It's just the web plugin wrapped up on a Chrome-based browser executable.


                            What a shame they didn't develop/resurrect a proper desktop player like the old one with all the features for turning the stream, direct connections to Slingboxes etc.


                            I couldn't even see the proxy server option on the Windows version, which is present on the website, but I suppose that fits with their apparent ethos to remove features every time they 'upgrade' and further dumb-down the product.