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    Media Player:Decoder Error ??????


      I purchased a Slingbox Classic from a friend a few weeks ago in preparation for a foreign trip and I'm using the mobile app for the iPhone 4.  Yes, I know it's not officially supported but it has been working fine until today - the video stops and I get the message "Media Player:Decode Error".  I can tap "OK" and reconnect but the error reappears in a few minutes.  I can connect from my Windows 7 laptop with no problem.


      If I select "Audio Only" it appears to continue to work fine on my iPhone so I guess this is a video problem.


      Other info:  Laptop is connected via wired LAN and I'm using "Connectify" to generate a wifi hotspot for my phone so I'm connecting over wifi.  I've not tried 3G since I'm in South Korea and I don't want to risk any excessive charges.


      I've searched all over this forum and the 'net via Google.  So far there are no hits on this problem.


      Thanks for any and all suggestions.