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    IR blasters not working


      I just setup my new slingbox.  Everything works great but I can't get the IR blasters to work.  My virtual remote comes up on the sceen, but all the buttons are greyed out except the volume and mute bottons.  The volume and mute buttons highlight green as I push them, but all the other bottons do nothing.  I have tried messing with the ir blaster plug and restarting the slingbox.  I also did the camera thing to see if the ir blaster was firing and it is not.  Do I have a dud ir blaster, dud slingbox or something help.  Please help.  I leave for Japan in a week and need to get my slingbox working.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          It sounds like the "Configure Video Inputs" of the setup didn't work.   You can ignore the fact that the Volume and Mute buttons, work, they have nothing to do with the A/V Device, they are simply used to control Slingplayer.


          So I would re-run the video sources setup.   Adn don't panic, that is something that can be done remotely

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            I have the same issue.  Nothing works.  Resetting, running setup again multiple times, etc.  The important buttons are greyed out except for ones like volume that are controlled on the computer speakers rather than on the Slingbox itself.