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    SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad freezing

    rizzle Newbie

      Hey Dana is sling working on fixing the issues that the ipad app has, such as freezing every other second when using it on 3G and some times even using it with Wifi? its annoying watching live tv via ipad this way.

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          Hey rizzle - I branched this off to it's own discussion as it is not related to the previous thread.


          If you are having difficulty with SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad, definitely call us so we can troubleshoot a bit and figure out what is going on - we'll get it fixed... here is our contact info:



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              rizzle Newbie

              ok thx dana

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                rizzle Newbie

                so i called and they say its my 3g network(AT&T) the reason for the buffering can this be true didnt sling test this before coming out with the app? so this app is useless on 3g?

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                    It could be that you are using High Quality mode and are streaming over 3G and not getting enough bandwidth. But we'll contact you to further troubleshoot, as it doesn't sound like that was communicated clearly.


                    FYI, you need a download speed of at least 800kbps to stream in HQ over a 3G network. One way to test your speed over 3G is to use a bandwidth tester app, like Speedtest.net Mobile Speed Test.


                    Now if you've tested your 3G speed and it is above 800kbps, and you still can't stream in HQ mode over 3G, then something else is an issue... Can you stream normally over WiFi, or over 3G in Standard Quality mode (SQ)?


                    Just to be clear on SPM for iPad network requirements for Slingbox SOLO and PRO-HD users:

                    To stream in High Quality (HQ) mode outside your home, you need at least 1200 kbps of bandwidth from your Slingbox to your iPad when using a Wi-Fi connection, and at least 800 kbps with a 3G connection.

                    To see available bandwidth within SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad, tap the SQ button, then the Aspect button. The current bandwidth displays in the lower left corner. You can test your home upload speed by using a web site such as www.speedtest.net on your home computer; test download speed at your current location by using the free Speedtest iPad app. The total bandwidth available to SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad is limited to whichever is smaller: the upload speed, or the current download speed.


                    If you don't have enough bandwidth for HQ mode, you can improve your viewing experience by pressing the SQ button to stream in Standard Quality. At least 500 kbps is required for Standard Quality (SQ) streaming. If you don't have enough bandwidth for Standard Quality mode, then you can try using SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone in Compatibility mode for the best viewing experience on your iPad.

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                        I am experiencing the exact same issue...i have othe versions installed on my ipad (iphone and ipad), yes i paid 30 dollars each, but the problem seems to be there and no one in sling media seems to know the answer to our problems.

                        While the iphone version works without interruptions, the ipad version, in SQ mode, still rebuffers every 3 seconds, and this happens while on a wifi network.

                        I have a 700k upload from the house and it's within the minimum requirements that were advertised in tha app store.

                        Instead of blaming our equipment, someone from slingmedia souldnget an ipad and test it from a wifi place tonsee the streaming.

                        Within our local networks, everytjing works fine. But we didn't buy the app for omenuse.

                        Please fix it. This shouldn't be the reason that will give Slingmedia a bad reputation.

                        Thank you


                        Athos kyriacou

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                            I am having the same issue. The sling box app works fine on my iPhone 4. I purchased the app for my wifi iPad and every 2-3 seconds the picture freezes and buffers/refreshes. My sling box is running the latest firmware and again works fine on my pc and iPhone 4. It's obviously the iPad app. I have deleted and reinstalled the app and done hard resets on my iPad just to be sure and still experiencing the same poor quality.

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                                Bazza Newbie

                                Are getting freezing over your local wifi network or over the Internet? I had issues on both types of reception so I looked further at the problem and found that the pausing was being caused by my wireless router which uses the 2.4GHz frequency band. I looked for a device that uses the 5GHz band which does not suffer from the interference common with 2.4GHZ. I installed a Netgear WNR3700L router which is a dual band device. It has the standard 2.4GHZ frequency and a Separate 5GHz HD band optimized specifically for streaming video without stalling. It works great, and it solved my problems. If your bandwidth is 1MHz and your iPad is stalling look at your wireless router.

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                              rizzle Newbie

                              Yes im using HQ streaming over 3g thats the reason i got this app to see HQ on ipad if not then i would haved used the iphone sling app. FYI slingbox.com says we need 500kbps not 800kbps so thats false advertisement. And yes i can stream normaly over wifi and 3g in SQ but its looks like the iphone app, so why have us pay $30 again for ipad app?

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                                rizzle Newbie

                                So Dana i tested my 3g with the speedtest hd app on the appstore and it read 1742.46 kbps or 1.70 mbps and the freezing is still there. Do other SLING people read the forums because theres more than person who are having the same issues, sling should look into this instead of just saying its your network connection , theres more to it than that...

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                                  rizzle Newbie

                                  Dana, need your help, I also tested the ipad app on a 4G Mifi i ran it 3x so the average download speed was 1834kbps, upload speed was 882kbps, also did a test on my cable company`s WIFI that they provide and the problem is still there,so yeah i think like you said something else is the issue, PLZ help us.....

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                                    Hi, I am new to this forum stuff, but I am seeing a LOT of similarities to my situation.


                                    I have a regular iPad so I watch over a WiFi connection. I bought the App last night, and when it runs at home, off the same Network that the Slingbox is connected to, it is seamless HD quality.


                                    I just wanted to test it on another network, so I brought it to the office today. It streams for MAYBE 30 seconds before it locks up and freezes. First the picture stops, then the audio and I am just left with a screenshot of the TV Channel.


                                    I ran a speed test, thinking that this was an issue with our connection at work, but the Download speed is 1.04 Mbps and the Upload Speed is 1.18 Mbps and this SHOULD be more than enough to at least watch the TV, right?


                                    So far I am VERY disappointed.... I have tried my MacBook Pro on the same wireless network and have NO problem. The quality of the picture is poor to average, but it is watchable.


                                    ANY ADVICE on how this can be improved would be greatly appreciated.





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                                      I too am having the constant buffering problem *only with the iPad app* while on 3G (works fine on my iPhone on the same AT&T 3G network)!  I cannot tell you how disappointing and frustrating this is.  I own FOUR sling boxes, beginning with the original model, and also four separate sling player licenses (different platforms).  I upgraded from a Slingbox Pro to a Slingbox Pro HD expressly to watch high quality via the iPad (when NOT on wi-fi), so now I am out the cost of a new box PLUS $30 for the iPad app.  Standard Quality over 3G is no better than the iPhone app running 2X on the iPad.  For the record, speed test on the iPad shows 1800+ Kbps and I have the 3 green dots indicating my box is set up properly for High Quality.  Please get his fixed, Sling Media.  I have been a LONG-time loyal customer but this will be my final purchase if this is as good as it gets.



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                                        Since the iPad 1 maxes at 720p HD presentation, I wonder if trying to stream 1080 programs to it is what's causing it to rebuffer all the time.  My wife's in Korea, and experiencing the same hiccups.  I plan to advise her to try a lower streaming resolution.


                                        Has anyone tried to use the app on an iPad 2?  It has faster dual-core processing, 9x faster graphics, and 1080 capability.



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                                      My iPad and iPhone sling player app are unable to load on high quality on wifi or 3G. This was not always the case. I updated my firmware at home and reinstalled the apps on my phone (iPhone 3G) and my iPad (first generation) and still nothing. It's unacceptable that I paid $30 twice for an app that doesnt work. Please advise.  Thanks. Dave Sands

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                                      The same problema

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                                        I'm having the same problem... On my iPhone 4 works without any problems. The new iPad edition freezes every 5 seconds! Please fix!

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                                          Rizzle, i am having the exact same problem. I have 1901 KBPS or 1.86 MBPS and nothing. I can watch it on my computer fine but now i cant watch it on my iPhone 4G after i upgraded the firmware. So much for watching slingbox when you are AWAY FROM HOME.

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                                            iPad is connected over a 100mbps LAN (actual bandwidth available wirelessly is around 40mbps -- 802.11n; iPad gets around 24mbps). Network is the same as the Slingbox is connected to. All access is being peformed locally.
                                            Periodic freezes and black screens around every 30 seconds. Laptop streams fine on WiFi, so does the iPhone. I have paid for both iPhone and iPad versions. No network bandwidth issues.


                                            Are there any forthcoming solutions?




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                                              Having the same problem, only on the ipad, not on the iphone who, by the way, uses the same 3g network!!!!!

                                              What is going on Sling!!!!

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                                                  Same problem here. Worked briefly, now freezes or crashes/quits immediately after connecting. This is via wi-fi, not 3g. Works beautifully via web browser, but ipad locks up. No bandwidth issues- plenty to spare.



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                                                      I have contacted SlingMedia support regarding this issue, providing the following description:


                                                      1. iPad is being used on the same LAN as the SlingBox;

                                                      2. Also used on the same LAN are two PCs and an iPhone;

                                                      3. PCs and the iPhone work correctly -- no freezing; PCs get a constant 4.5mbps stream;

                                                      4. 24mbps of bandwidth are at the disposal of any networked devices, at a given time;

                                                      5. iPad SlingPlayer freezes or exhibits momentary black-screen issues once around every 30 seconds - 1 minute, only in high quality mode, standard quality works OK.

                                                      6. No other devices were active on the network, when troubleshooting iPad issues.

                                                      7. iPad gets a constant, high-speed network stream.


                                                      The technical support representative has stated that once SlingPlayer works correctly in standard quality, it is not an issue with the software. Any ideas?

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                                                    Same issues here, doesn't work right for 3G.  Buffers, buffers, buffers.  AirVideo however works great and looks better.

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                                                      Same issue here.  No problems on IPhone or Ipad wi-fi, but Ipad 3g is unwatchable in HQ mode.  ATT DSL maxes out below the apparent Sling requirements,

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                                                        And I get the 3 green circles but still the spinning circle and constant freezing on the HQ quality - this seems to be a software issue.

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                                                          I am having freezing problem over my home wifi network as well. It is almost unusable outside my home network.

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                                                            I run into the same problem with the ipad rebuffering every 3 seconds on 3g in high quality mode.


                                                            But if you give it about 1 minute or 2 ,the buffering will stop every time and will not occur again.


                                                            Im in a strong 3g area with about 2mbps download speed and 800 kbps upload.



                                                            let it go for about a minute or 2  .I know it shoulnt do this but its clearly a problem with the ipad


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                                                              I'm having same issues, freezing every 3 seconds in HQ



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                                                                I'm also having the same problem with my iPad. I'm running it off a wifi network in my sisters house. We get around 2000kbps download speed on Slingplayer PC, the iPhone 4 plays well, and the iPad just sucks. HQ mode is not watchable at all, and the normal quality buffers every 30 seconds or so. How could it work perfectly on the iPhone and not on the iPad!?!?


                                                                I spoke to tech support earlier today, and they told me to contact Apple to find out why it's not working on the iPad. As if Apple will be able to help me!


                                                                I'm only getting between 300-400kbps on the iPad slingplayer. How could that be possible!?


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                                                                  Danna, No, you have not been able to fix the issue yet

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                                                                      Downloaded the 2.0.1 update and nothing is fixed whatsoever. Playback freezes/hiccups every few seconds. Speedtest.net reports both download and upload speeds in excess of 10Mbps both on my home network where the slingbox PRO HD is AND on the network where my iPad is connected via wifi, yet Slingplayer on the iPad will never get a stream going over 300kbps. Every other app works fine and downloads are extremely fast -- it is ONLY Slingplayer mobile that appears to have the bandwidth limitation issue. Watching with my laptop works fine as well.


                                                                      I am up to date with all firmware on the PRO HD and all internet viewing settings are correct (no double green dots in aspect mode). There is clearly something wrong on the Slingmedia side, either with the last firmware update or with the Slingplayer mobile software. Please do something about it as this is extremely frustrating.

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                                                                      Not sure if my experience pertains only to me but I was having the same issues with my sling box solo and was streaming through a belkin G series router.. I chose to replace it due to the fact it needed to be reset all the time.. I purchased a new linKsys e3000 N++ router which was a bit pricey and next time I used slingox nO buffeting over 3G at all! I know we shouldn't have to go out and buy new equipment formsoftware to work but it fixed my problem completely .. Just some food for thought

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                                                                          I am having same freezing issue with iPad application.  I tried in various "healthy" wifi spots and while slingbox works fine on my MacBook it is constantly freezing on my ipad.  This can not be an isolated issue, I have never seen so many posts over such a short period of time.


                                                                          What is slingbox doing to fix this?  Or is it an apple problem?


                                                                          Someone please acknowledge the issue and speak up.  It looks to me like you have a lot of very patient valuable consumers above that are not getting the service they paid for.



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                                                                          Mine also exhibits this behavior.


                                                                          I cannot go outside of my router (IE: a friends broadband wifi connection) and stream anything at all on the iPad app.


                                                                          Standard Def or High Def will continually buffer and stutter.

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                                                                            I have slingplayer app for my iPhone 4.


                                                                            On 3g the Speedtest.net gives me - Download 2.56 mbps and 1.69 mbps upload.


                                                                            When i try in standard or high quality it keeps stopping, buffering and so on.


                                                                            I had several versions of the slingplayer, but this one does not work.


                                                                            On wifi everything works perfect.

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                                                                                I think i know the problem to this. The new version/update of Slingbox (slingbox solo).


                                                                                Why? A friend of mine has an old version ( 1.2 ) witch is the version that has worked great before,  and i connected his version of the slingplayer with my slingbox (updated) and same problem. Buffering and stops on 3g.


                                                                                That means that the problem is the new version/update on slingbox (slingbox solo) and not the software update on slingplayer for mobile.


                                                                                Agree - Slingmedia ????????


                                                                                (He has not updated the slingbox or the slingplayer mobile and works great on 3g)

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                                                                                Checked trough Speedtest.net today and i have 1836 kbps on 3G more than slingplayer need.

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                                                                                    Don't worry about the 3G where you're viewing.


                                                                                    Where your slingbox is located, at your house or wherever, the UPLOAD speed of THAT connection is the maximum speed that anything outside of your home network will be able to access that stream.


                                                                                    Very very few residential internet service providers, without a premium package, offer UPLOAD speeds of the required 500 kB/s.

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                                                                                        I just checked my home network and it gives me trough speedtest.net


                                                                                        Download: 4934 kbps

                                                                                        Upload: 1015 kbps


                                                                                        Should that not be good enough ????

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                                                                                            For iPad you only need a consistent 800kbps for HQ, so that upload rate should be enough.  When watching HD quality on my computer I use more than 2000kbps.


                                                                                            The problem is I don't get a consistent 800kbps, whether it is because of Verizon FIOS or the WIFI setup I have, or AT&T's 3G.  A lot of times it would dip to 700kbps, sometimes 200kbps or even 100.  Sometimes I get over 1000kbps.  If sling increases its buffer size to take better use of the 1000kbps moments then it would help a lot...


                                                                                            To avoid freezing you set it to SQ, which will tell it to play what it can best, so when it dips to 200kbps you'll get bad quality, but when it's 1000kbps it would automatically be HQ even though you set it to SQ.  What you set it as is simply the minimum quality you're willing to accept.


                                                                                            Also since you have only 1000kbps upload at home, you should make sure you're not uploading anything like on torrents if you want to use sling.

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                                                                                                Since i have more that that on 3g it should work, but i does not. Then i think it a problem with the update on the slingbox.


                                                                                                I think it strange that Slingmedia don't see this. If only one person in that company try to use it with 3g they will see that it does not work.


                                                                                                We need some response here Slingmedia.


                                                                                                I have writen before that with an old version of slingplayer that worked before update (1.6) is not working together with a slingbox that has been updated. This means that the update for the slingbox is the cause to the problem.

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                                                                                                The requirement for HQ on iPad is 800kbps not 800kBps.  You would need 4G, well what is being marketed as 4G, to get 800kBps.

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                                                                                            I just looked around and I did one thing that solved mye problem.


                                                                                            A guy told me that i had to update my slingbox solo, but I had done that before trough slingplayer.


                                                                                            Just to be sure I went into : http://setup.slingbox.com/


                                                                                            Log in top right corner


                                                                                            From there i did as follow:


                                                                                            1. Click get started

                                                                                            2. Install the plugin if you dont have it

                                                                                            3. Click on your slingbox

                                                                                            4. Click on Set up Internet viewing

                                                                                            5. After it is finished just click next and you are done


                                                                                            Now try to watch tv with a iPhone with 3g or iPad with 3g


                                                                                            Works for me!!!!!


                                                                                            Let me know if it worked for you.

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                                                                                                Internet Viewing setup is almost complete. We've looked at your network  settings and see that you should make some additional changes on your network  router if you want the best remote viewing experience from any of the following  SlingPlayer products: - SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad/iPhone - SlingPlayer Mobile  for Symbian - SlingPlayer Mobile for Windows Mobile - SlingCatcher If you don't  use any of these, you can Skip this step. Otherwise, click Next to  continue..

                                                                                                Setup keeps on telling me this, even though I already set up port forwarding!!!!

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                                                                                                  thanks for the advice on the redo of internet streaming. My 3G suddenly stopped working....barely load, freeze right away... even though WIFI and desktop remote streaming was working fine. Went into setup, Set Up Internet Streaming, did no customization, and the 3G was fine again.

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                                                                                                  When I first purchased the app for the iPad all it did was freeze. No matter what I did didn't solve the problem. I wrote some nasty reviews and was banned from this site for a while. I just happened to check it today and I can finally leave a comment. After contacting Sling in a with a very terse email and my review of this app on iTunes Sling Media contacted me both by email and phone. I got a great technician named Pablo and he got control of my screen and basically fixed the problem I was having with freezing video and controlling my mobile devices. The biggest problem I had was automatically letting this configure my router (Apple Time Capsule with Airport Extreme built in). He lead me to a site http://portforward.com and all the instructions are there to get it configured correctly and up and running. It might take some time but my iPad app is working good now. When on 3G I have to keep it on Standard Quality but he at least it does't freeze up any longer. Now I'm at the mercy of ATT most times LOL Anyway, thanks Pablo for helping me.

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                                                                                                    Had (may still have) the problem with the ipad app freezing on wifi.

                                                                                                    As others mentioned playback on the same LAN and over WiFi with PCs had no issue.


                                                                                                    I did the following and it now seems to work much better.




                                                                                                    1) Netgear MR814v2 (5.3 update) [configured as recommended by slingbox]

                                                                                                    2) Slingbox Pro

                                                                                                    3) iPAD (I have the three little dots, configured for HQ automatically)



                                                                                                    1) Halting playback on the ipad with bad quality picture.

                                                                                                    2) Hit disconnect on the iPad app

                                                                                                    3) Went to the directory listing for the slingboxes

                                                                                                    4) selected the slingbox.

                                                                                                    5) Good quality picture and performance.

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                                                                                                      It truly doesn't work wel at all with the iPad it no ones fault  but sling box they need to fix this. After paying the 40 bucks for the app and you get nothing but buffeting , it works well at home but never away fro. Home



                                                                                                      Sling box fix your issues!

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                                                                                                          Same here. Worked great prior to the upgrade even on 3G on my iPad. Since the update NOTHING ELSE BEING CHANGED ON MY HOME NETWORK, the picture is uinwatchable as it is constantly buffering. Tried the disconnect, recopnnect, uninstalled the app, rebooted iPad, reinsltalled app all to no avail. My upload and download sppeds remain excellent AND the iPhone app works fine on my iPhone 4.

                                                                                                          Please Sling, step up to the plate and fix the last update.

                                                                                                          I still have not seen anyone come up with a solution for returning to the original app (prior to the update that has caused all this grief)


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                                                                                                          ok everyone,

                                                                                                          What I did was to get my upload speed up to 2 Mbits and the problem was solved. Not for the HQ quality of course but for the SQ quality it works fine.

                                                                                                          Of course I had some connections within my provider so I managed to get my speed up without extra cost.

                                                                                                          But after looking hard into it, the speed is the main problem for the Ipad to freeze every few seconds.

                                                                                                          Good luck everyone....

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                                                                                                            This was a complete waste of money, it only works in my house not when i am away on holiday/travelling. My upload speed is 375 Kbps and does not vary so i can never watch this, i want my money back.

                                                                                                            I have had a solo for about 3 years and it worked fine on my netbook, how come its rubbish on the ipad, get a grip, read the frustration in all the posts and fix it.

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                                                                                                                Sadly, I agree.  The Iphone 4 app works flawlessly on wi-fi and 3G in HQ, no frezing at all.  Ipad App in HQ is really worthless.  Constant freezing.  SQ works fine, but what's the point of paying $30 for a duplicate of the Iphone App.  Had no problems prior to the February update.  Keep calling Sling and they really have no clue what to do.  IT IS THE IPAD APP!  I have reset, restarted, re-set up a dozen times, port forwarded, EVERYTHING, and still it freezes.  This is a software problem.  It is not a speed issue, not an Apple issue, not an ATT issue, it is a Sling issue.

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                                                                                                                rizzle Newbie

                                                                                                                Hi All, what i did was get a 4g mifi from "Clear" and it works great, cancelled my AT&T 3G service.

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                                                                                                                  I have the same issue, running my SlingBox Pro-HD on my home network with my iPad. Runs fine for a few minutes then the video drops and I just have audio. What is interesting is I have plenty of bandwith and have no issues from the web player or on the iPhone app. I can watch those all day without issue. The iPad app drops the video, although if I run the iPhone app on the iPad it runs all day without issue. So I am guessing there is an issue with the iPad app.


                                                                                                                  What I have done:

                                                                                                                  Reset the SlingBox

                                                                                                                  Re-configured SlingBox in the browser

                                                                                                                  Reset my Airport Extreme

                                                                                                                  Removed the iPad app, re-downloaded and installed

                                                                                                                  Restored my iPad to factory defaults and reinstalled SlingPlayer app for the iPad

                                                                                                                  Verified the firmware on the SlingBox Pro-HD is the most recent

                                                                                                                  Purchased a new iPad 2 and still have the same issues even repeating the above steps.


                                                                                                                  What's up Sling?

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                                                                                                                    Hi all, here are some troubleshooting options for this issue.


                                                                                                                    -First make sure that your network connections meet the requirements to stream video in the iPad.


                                                                                                                    SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad Information and Requirements.


                                                                                                                    "To stream in High Quality (HQ) mode outside your home, you need at least 1200 kbps of bandwidth from your Slingbox to your iPad when using a Wi-Fi connection, and at least 800 kbps with a 3G connection."


                                                                                                                    -Make sure that your Slingbox is up to date, you can visit Setup.slingbox.com to check for firmware updates.


                                                                                                                    -You can delete and install again the SlingPlayer in the iPad, here are some instructions about how to do it.


                                                                                                                    iPad, how to install and remove apps.


                                                                                                                    -Try to set up your Slingbox again for Internet Vewing, you can do it in Setup.slingbox.com.


                                                                                                                    -There is also some troubleshooting here for video issues.


                                                                                                                    Troubleshooting SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad video issues



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                                                                                                                        Bazza Newbie



                                                                                                                        Streaming video over a wireless network is not simply a matter of bandwidth. Video streaming requires uninterrupted transmission to avoid the buffer potentially emptying. Running a speed test only tells you how much bandwith you have over the few seconds the download speed is being monitored. If the download speed is sampled over a much longer time window it generally shows wide fluctuations in download speed. When you are running on a local network download speed from the internet does not matter. It is the throughput of the local network that is crucial.  Most WiFi networks use the 2.4GHz band. The potential for interfernce from neighboring networks, cordless phones, WII's etc is considerable.  The throughput of wireless network could be as low as 30% of what is achieved on a wired network.  Any decent App would take account these problems and to a certain extent the iPad app does this but it does not seem to be quite good enough.


                                                                                                                        Is the problem not simply the size of video buffering the iPad app is using? Is the App already using the maximum amount of buffering possible on the iPad because this would explain why people are being directed toward looking at network issues?


                                                                                                                        I do not get the freezing  problem with a Slingcatcher which uses a wired connection nor is it apparent on the PC application which of course has greater storage available for buffering.


                                                                                                                        A lot of people have paid $30 for an APP that does not appear to work correctly. May be it can never work if there are technical limitations on the iPad. In which case Sling should come clean or show some intent to fix what look likes a buffering issue.

                                                                                                                        • Re: SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad freezing

                                                                                                                          Thank you for the call. I am in a meeting but will return your call.


                                                                                                                          I appreciate it and it is a step in the right direction.


                                                                                                                          I will reserve judgement until after talking to you.



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                                                                                                                          Same problem here ipad on wifi, good signal no ther devices on network, and sitting near wireless router and every few minutes signal freezes for about ten seconds plays for a second freezes for a couple of seconds goes to black for a second and stops again then plays fine for a few more minutes, also freezes on sq.  Never has a problem with iphone app on ipad. This is a slingbox problem as far as I can tell.

                                                                                                                          • Re: SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad freezing

                                                                                                                            I am not sure if this issue has been solved, but I have an iPad 2 with the Sling Player, and while the app on my home computer works perfectly, the app on my iPad always freezes!  I have more than enough bandwith, currently 8214 on my home computer.  I can't imagine we are all having this issue and no one is able to solve it!  Help!

                                                                                                                            • Re: SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad freezing

                                                                                                                              I am having the same issue as stated from most other users.  I am on my wifi and have tested it on an iphone 4, macbook air and mac mini.  All run well and can handle the high quality signal.  The iPad cannot handle the high quality and you get the spinning loading signal every 2 to 3 seconds.  I have noticed that this has started since I upgraded the software to. iOS 5.0.  This is definitely an app problem.  Please fix it.