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    Windows Phone Slingplayer Issues


      Here are the Windows Phone 7 Slingplayer issues that I have discovered during the time that I have used the program

      since its launch shortly after the U.S. release of the hardware.


      Windows Phone 7:      Samsung Focus

      Slingbox Pro HD:        Component connected to DirecTV HR20 HD-DVR
                                       S-Video connected to Sony 300 disc DVD megachanger
                                       Antenna connected to receive OTA HD broadcasts.

      Slingbox Solo:            Component connected to DirecTV H21 HD receiver.
                                       Composite connected to Magnavox VCR.


      1.  I am unable to control the DirecTV H21 HD receiver connected to the Solo at all.  No remote commands from WP7 transfer to the IR cable.  All of the default remote commands are greyed out and no commands are listed under MISC.  The other Slingplayer programs that I use or have used (2.0, Web-based, and WinMo 5.X) all work great in controlling the H21 receiver.  What's funny is when I change to the composite input, I am able to control the Magnavox VCR, but when I change back to the H21 receiver, I once again, can't control the device.  To fix the issue I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Slingplayer on my phone, and when I logged into the Solo, I had full command of the H21.  I thought that performing the uninstall/reinstall fixed the problem, but when I tried to connect to the Pro HD, I had the same "no control over the device" problem that I had with the H21, but this time with the DirecTV HR20.  Since I use the HR20 remotely a lot more that the H21, I performed the uninstall/reinstall a 2nd time and when I connected to the Pro HD first, I had control of the HR20 again, but no control of the H21 connected to the Solo.


      2.  The remote commands under the "colored buttons" menu do not work in controlling my DirecTV HR20 DVR.  All of the commands in that menu don't work, including INFO, RECORD, RED, GREEN, YELLOW, BLUE, and CANCEL. (There is no LIVE command on the DVR so it shouldn't work anyway).  All of those commands work correctly on the other Slingplayer programs I have used.


      3.  Even though the Directv HR20 is a DVR, the "DVR" menu is greyed out when connected to that device throught Pro HD.  I don't know what is behind that menu, but since the device I am controlling is a DVR, I would think that that menu should be accessible.


      4.  When I change the input on the Pro HD to the Sony 300 disc DVD megachanger, the default aspect ratio is 4x3 and the "ASPECT" button is greyed out so I can't change to widescreen mode when viewing an anamorphic widescreen movie.  Only when I disconnect from the Slingbox and reconnect does the "ASPECT" button become available.  The "ASPECT" button should be available when changing inputs and not just when disconnecting/reconnecting the Slingbox.


      5.  In the Settings menu, there is the option to select whether or not the controls are shown on connection to the Slingbox.  When I deselect this option, the controls menu still appears on the phone's screen when the video starts up.


      6.  The Slingplayer will not connect to a slingbox when the 3G data connection is turned OFF even though the Phone is on a Wi-Fi network.  The video plays for a split-second before a message appears that states that connection with the slingbox is lost or cannot be established.  When I turn the 3G data connection back on, the video plays normally.


      7.  Cannot listen to audio in Bluetooth stereo when watching Slingplayer.  If connected to a A2DP bluetooth device (headphones, car stereo, etc.) the audio reverts to the phone's speaker or wired headset.  This is a limitation of the Windows Phone 7 OS more that it is an issue with the Slingplayer itself, because the audio from any video source (youtube, movies, games, etc.) is not able to be transmitted to A2DP for some reason with WP7 at this time.


      8.  Remote commands sent to the slingbox do not reset the buffer.  When watching a video and the stream starts to buffer due to temporary loss or degradation of 3G or Wi-Fi signal, the Slingplayer video will lag greatly behind the live video.  After a remote command is given, it could take 30 seconds to a minute of delay before the command is registered on the controlled device.  On other Slingplayer programs, when a remote command is given, the buffer is cleared and the video jumps to near live condition as the command is registered on the device almost immediately.  I would prefer that a remote command clear the buffer the way the other Slingplayer programs handle it.


      9.  There is no option to play audio only (no video) from the connected device as there is on other Slingplayer programs.


      Hopefully, future releases of Slingplayer on WP7 will address these issues and make watching my Slingbox on my

      Windows Phone more enjoyable.

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          Hello bbraune, thanks for your feedback.


          For the remote control issues that you have, I suggest you run again the remote control configuration in Watch.slingbox.com


          Besides I want to let you know that the Audio Only feature has been removed from the Slingplayer.

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              I had e-mail correspondence directly with the project manager for Slingplayer for Windows Phone and he confirmed that my remote control issues were valid and were a problem with the Slingplayer software.  The good news is that the most recent update in the Windows Marketplace (ver 1.5, I think) has addressed all of my remote control issues and I am now able to control all of my devices as you would expect.


              The only issue that has yet to be addressed is #8 (proper buffering of the video).  What I was told from Slingmedia is that they tried to implement this on the the current version, but it was causing performance issues and the software developers at Slingmedia was working with Microsoft and the Windows Phone team to develop a solution.  Hopefully the solution will be implemented on an update in the near future.