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    Can't tune Clear QAM channels


      I just bought a new Slingbox Pro HD and I can't get the box to tune any clear QAM channels.  I can tune these channels directly on my sony tv by typing the qam address like 83.3, 114.2 etc...  When I  type in 83.3 on the sling player i get a "Weak or no video signal detected".  The tuner seems to be working because it did pick up some obscure channels like 109.63251 that once in a while have some content on them but I think these are actually SDV adresses... I know I shouldnt be able to see anything on those.... but I should atleast be able to pick up the QAM stations but it's just not working...  I know where they are (


      and I can tune then on my TV just not the slingbox... Does the slingbox not support all of the digital standards?

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          Hi Sy-, try the troubleshooting listed in this article to see if you can get those channels.


          Some of my channels are missing in SlingPlayer. I can view them the regular way  on my TV, so what's going on?

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              I have this same problem. After hours of tinkering and slingmedia's "support" team repeatedly telling me that my channels are encrypted, even after telling them the same channels work fine directly into my television (no cable box), I finally figured out what the problem is. Although there is a workaround, it is not pretty. If you find a digital channel that is not working, your slingplayer (or web browser interface) is probably set up to use automatic resolution setting (go to the Settings/Sling Player Options/Encoding tab). The automatic resolution feature is probably trying to display video at VGA (640x480) - see the lower left corner in the slingplayer window. If you manually change the video resolution to 320x240, the channels should start to display properly, or at least they do with my Pro HD and cable system. The downside is that you have to find which resolution works for which channels by trial and error and manually change it for each channel or even your HD channels will be displayed at the previously set resolution.


              Obviously SlingMedia needs to correct this problem to make the Pro HD digital tuner reasonable to use.

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                  I spoke with slingmedia support today regarding this issue. The agent connected to my computer and he verified the problem. There is no fix. He finally agreed to forward a request for a fix to engineering, but he advised me not to expect any result. He furthermore told me not to expect the digital tuner in the slingbox to work like a digital TV tuner. What? Is it a digital radio tuner? I am guessing what he wanted to say was that I shouldn't expect the tuner to work properly.