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    Slingcatcher - network files




      I have just setup my Slingcatcher. It works fine on the TV part, it seems to also work fine to view media over the local network connected NAS.


      My problem though, is that when you setup the Slingcatcher with network access to a NAS or a file server is that it won't connect to a drive unless it has full write access.


      I have tried to set it up with full access, then let it scan whatever is there, and add some movies (just for the test of it) to the favorites - then take away write access and the Slingcatcher plays the files in the favorites just fine.


      It will not play any file that is not in the favorites since I took away the write access. This is a major problem as I do not wan't any media player to be able to accidently delete movies....


      So my question: Does anyone know a way to add (and of course play) movies from a network drive without letting it have full write access to the drive.