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    Slingbox with AT&T U-Verse - video/audio stream dropped


      I have a strange problem.  Here is my setup:

      At my sister's house, she has AT&T U-Verse and 2 slinglinks, hooked up to a spare AT&T U-Verse cable box which is in a different room away from the router.  That cable box is associated with my slingbox solo.  I use the slinglinks to carry the signal from the cable box to the router.

      I have a slingcatcher here in Germany and also have the slingplayer for the iphone and for my computer.
      This fall I had to replace my slingbox as the old one completely quit responding and ever since I did that, I can watch TV for anywhere from a few minutes to 2 or 3 hours before the following happens:


      While watching live TV via my slingcatcher, the picture will freeze*.  I then try to change the channel, and I can tell that the slingbox is still streaming because I can see the AT&T uverse info bar/menu prompts which changes as though I'm changing the channel -- but all I can see is a black screen.  I can also view the menu and can even get as far as selecting the reset function on the U-Verse menu, but if I try to reset the box, nothing happens.  I can also choose to try to view recorded programs, but all I see is a black screen when I try to do that.  Again, I know that the Slingbox is streaming because when I use the remote to stop whatever playback may be occuring, the U-Verse menu displays appropriately on my TV screen.  There's just no audio or video stream.  Every time this happens I either have to call or email my sister and have her reboot the box associated with the slingbox by powering it off and on.  Since this seems to happen about every other time I try to watch TV, it's becoming very inconvenient.

      I thought the U-Verse box may be the problem but she changed that box out for a different one elsewhere in the house, and I still have the same problem.  Has anyone else encountered this difficulty and if so, what did you do to fix it?  Could it be a problem with the main U-Verse router?  Please help!  This problem is making my slingbox nearly worthless to me.


      *Not sure if the problem would also occur if I were watching recorded TV, or while watching via my iphone or computer, it just hasn't happened that way yet

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          Hi BryanSzalwinski, does this problem happens to you when you connect to the Slingbox from a computer as well?, for example using Watch.slingbox.com, also after the video is gone, do you still see the U-verse menus in the screen like the guide?, please let us know so the community can help you.

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              I have this same problem.  I have a Slingbox Solo that's hooked up to an standard definition cable box.  The video feed will freeze and then no audio or video.  I can still use the remote control because I can click on the guide and it will put up the AT&T guide and see the programming on Slingbox.  I can even change the channel. It will change but only gives me a blank screen with the information guide bar at the bottom.


              I can get it to working normal if I unplug the cable box and plug it back in.  The cable box will reset and then I can get video and sound.


              Is there a way to get this from happening.  It's becoming a regular occurance.