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    New IPad App


      Second post. First post looks like it was removed. I can not find it. Just posting again. I like to know why I can not find it? Was I to critical about why we should pay for the app again and not have a upgrade price. I just want to know why we need to pay for the app again. I already bought it for my IPod Touch so why should I pay another $29 bucks for pretty much the same application. What is so special about it that it cost another $29 bucks? I just can not figure it out. Please, I would like to hear from other customers and see how they feel about this topic. So please do not delete the post again.

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          Hello scennimo - to answer your question,


          What is so special about it that it cost another $29 bucks?


          SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad is optimized for the higher resolution viewing experience the iPad offers and has many new feature sets not available in previous versions of SlingPlayer Mobile. It also takes advantage of the latest streaming technologies available in iOS 4.2. It is a different product than SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone or iPod touch.


          Hope that helps to answer your question. With regard to the forum, please note that this is a technical support forum designed to give customers easy access to help and allow customers to help each other. Complaints about products don't really belong here and are often in violation of the House Rules. Please take a quick moment to review the House Rules before posting again - thanks!


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