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    Internet viewing


      My box worked fine for a long time.  I recenlty changed my cable modem to a faster modem that my cable provider supplied.  Since them it works at home but not over the internet.  My assumption is that the modem is stopping it.  What in the modem would need to be changed to allow access? 

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          Hi, rebelrebel


          When you change the router on your local network, the Slingbox will get a different IP address. This means that although it works at home, you will not be able to get the remote connection.


          You need to access the router interface in order to get the new IP address provided by the router for the Slingbox. Once you get this information, you will be able to create the rule in order to enable the Internet Viewing feature. The following link will provide you with the steps to follow.
          Internet Viewing

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              I have the same problem, my sling box stopped working over internet. It works fine on LAN but over the internet it turns on the "Sling light" but freeze there no image or soud just a black screen. It does that on my Laptop, phone and iPad.

              I have already reset the slingbox and router, and reconfigured them. Attached the "status" where the internet viewing set up is complete and "working". (Igot the message that I was ready to view my slingbox anywhere)

              I  also have 4 more slingbox working fine on my account!!!!

              I changed my internet speed a couple of weeks ago with my ISP, but it was working fine, and I have done that before with no trouble.

              Any thoughts?.. Thanks