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    Slingbox Pro-HD setup on Airport Extreme



      Initial setup of Slingbox Pro-HD not working with Airport Extreme


      When scanning for  devices on my network, the Webbased setup app (tried in Firefox and Safari) does not



      Equiptment Details:


      Intel Mac OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

      4gb Ram

      2.53Ghz 64bit processor Dual Core 2

      Using both Safari and Firefox browser


      Slingbox Pro-HD

      Ethernet connecting to Airport Extreme directly via Gigabit ethernet HUB, i.e.,


      [[[Slingbox's ethernet]]] --> [[[Trendnet Gigabit 5 port hub]]] --> [[[Airport Extreme]]]


      Airport Extreme Dual Mode Wirless-N and Gigabit Ethernet

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          Here is what I figured out (by just messing around myself). Reset your slingbox, reset your slinbox again, and again and again and then eventually when the U comes on the slingbox player you can go into the setup assistant, search and it will find your slingbox on your network. Why? I don't know, if anyone know of a better way to get this to work or the reason for it needing to be reset more than once, please fill me in.

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            Hi, mnovetske


            Have you tried to connect the Slingbox directly into the Airport Extreme? This is a good test if you want to determine if the issue is related to your network layout. In all case, we recommend you to check the following link.


            Setting up remote viewing when you have multiple routers


            Just make sure to follow the recommended steps and let us know how it works for you.

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              It is because the Airport extreme assigns IP addresses in the 10.0.1.xxx range and the SlingBox comes preset with a 192.168.1.xxx IP address.


              Hold in the reset button for about 5 seconds and the network light and the U light on the front of the slingbox will blink.

              During this time, the SlingBox is obtaining a new IP address from the Airport router.


              I was able to verify this by going into my Norton Internet security program and looking at the map of my home network.


              When I first connected the Slingbox, it was

              After holding in reset and giving it about 30 seconds of obtaining a new IP address, if I hit refresh on the Norton Map, it now showed my Slingbox with the 10.0.1.xx IP address. And sure enough, the install program was now able to find my slingbox.


              Hope this helps.

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                  I reset my sling box and everything works goon in network, but will not work out of network.  I get a massage (NO REMONT STREAMING).


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                      I too use an airport extreem (dual band). You need to port forward the correct port the IP address of the slingbox. However, if you use DHCP, then you must manually assign a fixed IP address to the slingbox. You are also going to want to set your middle router so that it's on bridge mode. Doing this will allow the airport to assign and see every IP address on the network. After doing all this you can port forward the correct port, and then proceed to use the internet viewing setup wizard on slinplayer's website.


                      good luck

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                          I need more help! Can you give me a step by step way to do all this? My Slingbox is connected to one of the Extreme Airport ports. The Extreme is connected to a cable modem.  My computer operating system is Windows 7.  My Dish DVR connects to the Slingbox.  I do have another Airport plugged in to extend the wireless network.

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                              Ok, to be honest, you're better off connecting the slingbox dirctly to the cable modem (assuming it supports multiple ethernet connections). If you manage to do that, then try to setup your slingbox for internet viewing using the setup wizard online. It has a fairly decent step-by-step guide.



                              If you can't connect the slingbox directly to your cable modem, then you'll have to open up the airport utility application to modify a couple of settings. If you do not already have this application you can find it on apple's website. Insite the airport utility click on the airport extreme and then click on manual setup. In the internet section you have you have "Connection Sharing" set to "Share a public IP address". This is the only way to use the port forwarding feature on the airport extreme. If you're wireless internet stops working after changing that setting to "share a public IP address" then you'd have to revert back to whatever setting it's currently on now and setup the port forwarding on your cable modem. Once that setting has be changed move on to the advanced section. You should now see a "Port Mapping" tab in here. All you have to do in here is add the IP address of the slingbox and add the port you want to forward.  If you intend to use a fixed IP for the slingbox, then enter that IP number here (preferably pick one where the last digits are in the middle of the spectrum (ip looks similar to and goes up to, so pick something around I'm assuming your network uses DHCP to assign the IP addresses to all machines on your network, and when it automatically assigns the IPs, it starts at 1, and works its way up to 255.


                              Now that the airport/cable modem is setup you're going to want to use the online setup tool for the slingplayer. When you get to the option about your internet connection you're going to want to set the slingbox on that fixed IP number you chose earlier (ie Continue entering all your desired settings.


                              After finishing that setup it should now be working. Please be sure that your slingbox is using the latest firmware.

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                        ACC1008762 Newbie

                        I have an Airport Extreme DB as well. After setting up the slingbox using semi-auto (assigned my own IP) and setting up Port Forwarding (5001) to the IP I set it works outside of my network even though on the slingbox website it says it hasn't communicated since Feb 10. It's been like that for a while. I also can't get HD streaming on my iPad now, but it will stream HD to the website outside of my home network. I have plenty of bandwidth in both locations via WIFI. Odd...

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                          Yes, I think we all know the port number for Slingbox but, where do you enter the information in the Airport utility? Drop down menu in Airport utility is vague! Not everyone is computer savy that's why we bought a Mac. We just want things to work, plug and play, leave the configuration to the operating system. This should be a no brainer, that's why you have passwords for security. Apple tech was no help in solving issue. Someone must have a step by step system for this setup!! Some help please!!