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    Slingbox Pro (Red) ever be supported on iPad?


      Is there any particular reason that the Slingbox Pro that i paid 300 bucks for last year, isn't supported on an iPad? instead, i'm offered a 50 dollar voucher to spend another 300 dollars on the "current" model, not to mention the 30 bucks i spend on the APP??


      This is rediculous.





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          Same here I do not understand this!!!!!!


          I have install a lot of pro version with my friends and now the can not use it with IPAD


          I do not understand this!!!


          Please advice





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            Apprently the slingbox pro (red) does not have the "horsepower" capable of delivering the stunning, hi-quality video necessary to bring the best experience to your iPad.  It doesn't matter when you purchased your [older] box, how much you paid for it, or how often you use it, the hardware simply doesn't match and is therefore "incompatible" or not allowed.


            Technically it might be feasible to use the iPad with lower quality video; however, this is not supported and has been blocked.  My guess is the iPad had to be near perfect and the only way to ensure that today is ONLY with one of two slingboxes:  solo or hd-pro.


            I haven't tried this but the iPhone version may work on your iPad to connect to your slingbox pro (red).  You may or may not get the best video experience and with the recent update, this may or may not work, i don't know.  What I do know is it's a separate purchase...ie. it's not free.


            You can use your $50 credit to purchase a refurb hd-pro so that should bring the price down to $150.  A refurb is every bit as good as a new box, probably better IMO.  Not always in stock, YMMV.

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              I am glad I am not the only one extremely ****** about this. I too have the red Slingbox and am so frustrated that I can't use my iPad to watch it. I REFUSE to buy another sling box.

              As for the horse power argument, I am not buying it. My iPhone 4 has a 960x640 resolution which isn't that much smaller then the 1024x768 that the iPad has, and it looks great on my phone.  It is just a BS excuse to get us to drop another $150 on more hardware I don't need. I refuse to buy anything from Sling again because of this.

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                The iPhone app is compatible with the iPad and the quality is decent enough; I'm really fedup with Sling that I can't be bothered to get mad any more.

                My suggestion is to ask for a refund in iTunes and get the iPhone one....only if you really need it, €20 to use my €200 box on the go is a robbery.