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    Can this be done?  cancel cable and use Slingbox HD on friends cable?

    h20wakebum Newbie

      Hi there,


      I just cancelled cable.


      I wanted to know if I bought a Slingbox HD and put it at my parents house (who pay for cable) if I could do the following.


      I'd pay the extra $9.99/mo. to have a second HD box at their house.


      I'd have my slingbox hd hooked up to that box and have it connected to the internet.


      They are in Los Angeles I am in Santa Barbara.


      Then in Santa Barbara would I be able to take full advantage of that HD box and get pretty good quality TV?


      I'd most likely end up hooking my computer to the TV to get the signal to the TV (unless I bought an internet enabled TV).


      Any suggestions are appreciated.


      Take care,